Friday , 19 July 2024
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College Profile

Having worked for the past years directly in the grapevine.

I have many tabs on what the challenges and opportunities in the education sectors are, so to fulfil l all these is the major vision of RMS College.

To meet the challenges of globalisation and Higher education at the heart of the modern economy and society our major aim lies at:

  • Life long learning education.
  • Increase and widen participation.
  • Teaching & Learning excellence.
  • Clear objective & targets.
  • Maintain educational standards.
  • Enhanceworld-class excellence in teaching & learning.
  • Maintain values, traditions & ethics.
  • Promote activities to enhance quality of teaching & learning across the sector.
  • Provide rewards to celebrate and encourage excellence in teaching.
  • Promote professional development of teaching staff along with students.
  • PEstablish new Academic Zones of excellence for teaching & Learning.
  • Create collaboration between entire education system.
  • Hence over all focus on round development of generation teacher.
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