Thursday , 23 May 2024
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Our computer lab has 25 computers. The ratio of the computer to the students is 1:1.
Internet facility is also provided so that students can search new and required content.
ICT lab is designed to help the pupil teachers to learn how to use modern teaching equipments in different
aspects of teaching and language solutions to make teaching process interesting and easy.
It helps to improve the vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, listening, reading and speaking skills.
Equipments Available:
Computers having internet facility, wi-fi facility.
Psychology Lab:-
It is very important for a teacher to understand the psychology of the students. So we have
designed a psychology lab where any psychological concept can be understood practically. It consists of test
material for different psychological tests, for example test of adjustment,personality test, intelligence
test, creativity test, attitude and aptitude tests and various inventory and case studies. Photo0713
Science Lab
1. Physics/Chemistry/Bio
It is a place where new experiments are performed to obtain results and to produce new laws and hypothesis
based on which condusions are drawn.The institute has four science labs for different subjects which are fully
equipped with all practical material and instruments.
Technology Lab:-
The Pupil teachers are taught using the modern teaching equipments and aremade to learn the use
of the same technology.The teachers are also to make their teaching interesting and easy using the equipment
EquipmentsAvailable :
Tv,Radio,Mike DVD,OHP, Slide Projector,Computer, Models Charts ,Film Strips,CD Rom etc.

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